About Us

Most Authentic Pyrates in New Brunswick.

Th’ Port City Pyrates were founded in 2019 as Pyrate Re-enactors.  Covid put a wrench in th’ krewe’s plans n most o’ th’ pyrating was left until 2022.

2022 were a year fer experimenting wit’ Garb, Characters, n event activities. 

As re-enactors, we strive t’ b period correct (as much as available materials n costs will allow).  R krewe create most o’ their own garb, hand sewing much as it would ‘ave been in 1700.   Custom leather products r also created by th’ Captain. 

Now, th’ Pyrates r available fer Corporate Events/ Festivals/ Community Events.  

We r also Pillagein’ N Plunderin’ r way around r beautiful province n we r making th’ Plunder available fer ye!!!  We ‘ave a variety o’ hand crafted products, most will b one o’ a kind, as well as some piratical products fer yer enjoyment. Thank ye fer joinin’ us on r journey aboard Adventure Galley (r ship) n we hopes t’ meet ye along th’ route!

Cap’n BlackArt

Meet R Krewe

Art “BlackArt” d’Milne

Captain n Partner

Born on the coast of Scotland around 1655 – 1660. He took t’ th’ seas wit’ his father after his Mother died of fevers. Unfortunately, his father were lost at sea in a storm on th’ journey t’ th’ Caribbean. Being a fine lad, he were well liked n were made cabin boy. He moved wit’ a few ship mates frum ship t’ ship as needed, travelin’ wit’ th’ best n th’ worst o’ them. Moving up frum cabin boy rather quickly t’ powder monkey, n then on t’ coverin’ almost all parts of the ship, Deck hand, Gunner, First Mate, Quartermaster, Boson n eventually elected Captain.

Runnin’ wit’ a merchant crew, as a privateer, and yes… a Pirate. He has sailed or been associated wit’ th’ best, n th’ worst o’ them. Names like Captain Henry Morgan, Anne Bonny, Bartholomew Roberts, Benjamin Hornigold, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Charles Vane, Henry Avery, n Samuel Bellamy t’ name but a few he crossed seas wit’.

There were a time in his 20’s when he were strong willed and dangerous. He were th’ sole survivor from a ship destroyed by th’ French in th’ West Indies. It were during this time o’ him seeking revenge fer th’ loss o’ his crew mates that he earned his Infamous name of “BlackArt”. It were said he had no heart when in battle, no quarter were given. A fight t’ th’ death if a fight be had at all. All who knew him or heard o’ him knew he had a Black Heart, or “BlackArt” as he became known and th’ name stuck wit’ him, even though over time old wounds healed n he mellowed a bit wit’ age and wisdom.

He were deathly wounded in a sea battle whilst fighting th’ Spanish in th’ Bahamas. Barely surviving, he stayed ashore fer a few years running a port side tavern n brothel. But th’ open sea always called t’ him n he were enticed to once again pack up his gear n head out t’ sea.

His reputation preceding him, he quickly rose back up through th’ ranks. Sailing as a privateer, th’ krewe elected him Captain when th’ ships own Captain were killed in a battle wit’ a Dutch ship. Renaming th’ ship known as “Rising Star” t’ “Adventure Galley” (th’ name in honour o’ Capt. Kidd’s ship that were lost near Madagascar in the Africas), they set sail n never looked back, and neither did the krewe.

Either on land or sea, its always been one adventure leading into another. A lifetime o’ adventures making him all th’ wiser…knowing when t’ pick his battles n when t’ drift wit’ th’ tide fer fairer seas. Feared by many, but well loved by his krewe. They’d follow him t’ th’ ends o’ th’ earth n off th’ edge if need be. From as far north as Nova Scotia in Canada t’ deep south n th’ Cape Horn n all ports in between. If ye sees a Black hulled ship, it may indeed b ol’ “BlackArt” hisself.


Bosun n Partner

Nicknamed Red – Because o’ her flaming red hair.
Born County Cork Ireland around 1680
Born Claire O’Laoghaire. O’ means – Grandson o’ or descendent o’
Laoghaire – 2 Gaelic words – Laogh means Calf & Aire means Keeper

A descendant o’ Lugaid Mac Con, who were High King o’ Ireland in th’ late 2nd century AD n King Laoghaire mac Néill o’ th’ 5th century, Red’s family motto is: ‘Laidir isé lear Righ’ which translates as ‘Strong b th’ King o’ th’ Sea’. Even as a child, Red felt th’ pull o’ th’ sea as it called t’ her.

Eventually, the O’Learys lost their land n power as a result o’ both th’ Nine Year War (1594-1603) against th’ English, a later th’ Cromwellian confiscations.

Born after th’ rebellion, Claire’s family resided in th’ countryside farming n cow raising. As a child, Claire had an adventurous nature n were always gettin into trouble.

Around 1700, Claire fell in love n ran away wit’ a sailor. She found herself on board his ship, dressed as a man. This b where she was named Red n continued wit‘ th’ name until her death.

In a few years, Red learned all there were t’ know about sailing n were a very accomplished sailor. As her knowledge n skills grew, so did her standing aboard ship.

Although a quiet sort, her krewe members grew t’ trust n love her n knew her as a fearsome fighter. She were felt by some t’ enjoy this a wee bit too much as she was oftentimes seen t’ laugh at th’ enemy!

She found herself in Kingston Jamaica n met Cap’n BlackArt. She joined his krewe as a pirate n soon revealed herself as a woman.

His right hand n lover, Red lived th’ rest o’ her sailing life aboard th’ Adventure Galley wit’ him.

Maria de la Rosa


Born Mary Murphy o’ Gourock, Scotland.
Her father were th’ quartermaster o’ n English merchant ship. He taught Mary t’ sail a dinghy n fish in th’ harbour. Like most children in Scotland at th’ time, she attended th’ local school n learned reading, writing, n arithmetic.
At 19 years old, her step-mother insisted that it were time t’ marry, or at least get engaged. Mary o’ course fought this decision. It were around this time that Mary’s father’s ship disappeared at sea. Thought to have been beset by a sudden storm, th’ krewe were believed dead, but Mary would not give up hope. She dressed as a boy, were hired aboard another ship as cabin boy, n set t’ sea, always listening fer any news o’ her father.
Her sharp wit n ability t’ read n write soon caught th’ attention o’ th’ ageing quartermaster, who took her on as n apprentice, hoping t’ retire soon himself.
One day their ship were attacked by pirates, n they were given th’ choice t’ join th’ pirates or die. Of course she chose t’ live – she still had t’ find her father after all! Th’ ship’s krewe were mainly Spaniards, n this were where she learned t’ speak some Spanish. It were also on this ship that th’ krewe discovered her true identity, but by this point she had gained th’ good graces o’ th’ captain, n had proven her useful at sea. Her secret out, she decided t’ grow out her hair again, n went by Maria, th’ Spanish version of Mary. Th’ krewe started t’ call her “La Rosa”, the rose. When she asked what that were about, she were told she were “La Rosa de los mares,” th’ rose o’ th’ seas, n were immediately proposed t’ by th’ same man who explained it. She punched him in th’ gut, saying “A rose has thorns, do you really want t’ try it?”
But th’ name stuck. Maria de la Rosa. She ne’er complained about th’ title, but wore it wit’ pride.
Later on, she left th’ ship fer other locales, going frum one ship t’ another in search o’ her father. Eventually she met up wit’ Captain BlackArt, a countryman, a kinsman, n one whom had known her father, n knew o’ his fate. They bonded oer this, n Maria decided t’ sail wit’ th’ Captain n krewe fer th’ time being.


Powder Monkey

Born in Cork, Ireland around 1694.

The Mac Gearailt clan held land both by the harbour and inland. Brigid was raised as a hard worker who never fit into what their mother wanted for them. She should have been able to be a fine woman to tend a farm and home. This was not the case for young Brigid. She hunted with her father, became skilled with a bow and axe when needed.

Cian Mac Gearailt was Brig’s grandfather who fought in the war against King James II and died in 1691 before Brig was born. Lugan Mac Gearailt Brig’s father never returned to Limerick after his fathers death so Brig did most of the travelling when needed. In the travels Brig would wear men’s clothing to keep herself safer on the road.

Between the travels she always would see the ships in the two harbours wondering where they were headed. Her grandfather on her mothers side was a merchant in the navy so she had always remembered the stories he told.

Around 1700 When Brig’s youngest siblings had grown enough to help car for the family lane Brig set out from home to the shipyard. She was able to talk her way onto a ship and never looked back.

On ship she went by a few different names but always was thought of as a boy. Started working in the cabins then even with the cook a bit. As the time went on it was found out of her being a woman and she was left in a port in the Americas. Quickly was able to get onto another ship headed for the Caribbean which was where she linked up with her current crew.

The ship she was on was not the best and was in a firefight that left it to sink. When the Adventure Galley rolled up onto the wreckage Brig was still holding onto the pieces of ship left. It was a Brigantine ship so the name Brig stuck.

Working as the Powder Monkey for the Port City Pyrates Brig keeps up the idea of being a guy. Don’t leave Brig alone with the black powder or you may be in for a surprise.


Tiffy n Cookie

Dami was a young french girl who didn’t enjoy her life as it was. She plotted to leave France for adventure. After boarding a ship, it was invaded by English Privateers and the passengers were to be sold off at auction. Since she was a late bloomer and wouldn’t become pregnant, she was purchased by a local brothel.

At the brothel, Dami learned from the ladies all the skills of cooking and midwifery. She learned to tend to the ailments of the ladies of the house and never turned away from a friend in need.

After a few years, she escaped the brothel and found members of BlackArt’s krewe in a nearby tavern, enjoying their ill earned booty. Having cared for ailments of a couple of the members, they secreted her on board Adventure Galley.

When she was discovered by Cap’n BlackArt, he was about to have her thrown overboard but the krewe members objected. Aboard ship she was assigned the womanly duty of cooking and it was soon known her skills with mending flesh were invaluable. Dami was not much of a fighter but she will surely patch you up from one. She keeps the krew healthy and happy with her skills with a knife and is a valued member of the krewe.

Rotten Ron

Deckhand n Border

Ronald was born December 18, 1662 in Leeds, England. His father was granted lordship of a manor in the borough of Leeds by Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Republican Commonwealth, for his service in the New Model Army. Ronald’s father was instrumental in the overthrow of the Royalist Forces in the English Civil War.

Ronald was the second son, and third of four children to be born into the manor. Their main focus was to oversee the flocks of sheep, and the production of textiles that were a major portion of the English trade at this time.

Ronald attended Huntingdon Grammar School, and then the Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge. Married young, in 1681, Ronald had two children within the first three years of marriage. Ronald entered Lincoln’s Inn in 1698, with an eye to pursuing a career as a barrister.

In 1701, Ronald left England and stowed away on a merchant vessel bound for the Indies in a desperate attempt to free himself from an overbearing wife and two ungrateful children.

After the merchant ship was boarded by the crew of the Duke, under Captain Avery, Ronald chose to join the pirate crew rather than hang with those not willing to comply. Ronald was accepted as a deck hand, later promoted to cook’s apprentice. When he had the opportunity, Ronald joined the crew of the Adventure Galley under Captain BlackArt, where he serves as a boarder, the first wave to swing across to the deck of a ship in order to convince their crew to surrender to the Adventure Galley and Captain BlackArt.

It was with this crew that Ronald started to use humor as a way to distract them from his failing health. Unfortunately his sense of humor elicits more groans than chuckles, and this has earned him the name, Ronald the Rotten.






Border/ Deckie